About Me

When my son was born I was determined to be the best mother. I would be with him every waking moment. I owed him the happiness he gave me. It was my job, my responsibility. I was going to make sure that I appreciated everything it took for him to come to us. I was going to make sure I never lost sight of how wonderful a blessing he was to us.

But I lost sight of myself.

I focused so much of me into becoming the guardian of our home and family that I gave my heart, soul, and body to them. Before I had a chance to come up for air I became pregnant with our second son and continued on the sacrificing that every mother makes. I gave and I gave and I gave.

I became lost and more lost and more lost.

Suddenly, the cute girl that danced at every song, sang way too loudly in her car, and dressed so that she looked put together was replaced by this woman that wore spit up and Wet-Ones as the newest and hottest fashion accessories. For my 30th birthday I made a decision to dress like I used to (but taking in mind the softness of a mother’s body). I purged my clothes. I took the step to becoming me again.

When I was ready to take the next step I decided I needed some more time with grown ups without kids around. Initially it was hard for me to do it, but after attending a party for a friend for a different direct sales company I realized that this could be a profession I could enjoy if I found the right product.

Google lead me to Guy & Eva.

My gut made me stay. After talking to the CEO, Daniel Choi, and my potential upline, Jeniffer Bagget,  I realized I wanted to embark on this adventure. It took a bit of convincing of my husband, but once I did I never looked back.

Guy & Eva has been one of the best things I have done for bringing Farah back to the forefront. I’m now put together, I can juggle something for me AND take care of my sons. I have met wonderful women and friends. Having Style Sessions has ensured that I take time for myself and take the time to socialize with other women. With Guy & Eva I’ve returned to being more than a mother, wife, daughter, and friend.

I’m me.

My mission is to put the “Me” back in “Mommy” so that other women can find out how wonderful it is to be themselves again. Join me on this fantastic adventure!