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Love Purple? So does O Magazine! Plus a Lupus fundraiser!

I’m so excited! This month we were featured in O Magazine with the Alicia earrings! What’s even better? The normally priced $32 earrings, are available to you for only $22.40!! These earrings will be gone August 31st so act fast!

As a side note: I love purple because purple is the color of Lupus Awareness. I have been diagnosed with lupus for nine years so for every pair of Alicia earrings sold I will donate 10% to the Lupus Foundation of America. So support a great cause today! ūüôā

Oh, and make sure to select “Mystery Hostess” at checkout!


Fall 2012 Wardrobe

One of the things I love about being a Style Advisor for Guy & Eva is the fact that it let’s me be a little girl playing dress up with my friends! I love that Guy & Eva has provided me with the tools to help my friends, family, and customers dress and accessorize their best and make them feel fabulous!

One of these friends tweeted me the other day asking for my guidance on accessorizing and dressing for this fall season. She was in the midst of revamping her Fall Wardrobe and needed some help! I knew her general style and created four pinboards that help her with every occasion.

Today, I’m going to share them with you!

1) Casual Day Time Look 

I know this friend lives in Northern California and while the winters are no Chicago winters, they definitely get a good bite in the air. So, I started with a cuddleable tan knitted sweater which I easily paired with some dark denim skinny jeans. This is the point where I usually choose my jewelry and I knew immediately that she would love the Sophie earrings that come out September 1st! I paired this our simple gold ring, Trista, ¬†and I used the genuine topaz in the earrings to bring in her shoes (Aren’t espadrilles awesome?) and bag. The finished look gives a definite look of comfort, warmth, and cuteness!

2) Dressy Casual Day Time Look 

When I saw this shirt I fell in love with it. I love the color and I love that it’s got a subtle damask print. I also love the fact that this friend can wear maxi skirts! (I can’t since I’m vertically challenged so I am slightly envious of those that are able to rock this look!) I kept the jewelry simple with the Ina necklace and the Yvette ring (which has been in a TON of magazines this year!!). I added some warm grey boots to play off the silver jewelry and a teal purse that compliments the shirt. She is going to look bangin’ in this get up!


3) Work Fall Outfit

I also wanted to help her get a bit of her wardrobe figured out for work. As you’ve seen in my earlier post you can really make any outfit with just a change out in jewelry and this is no different, but for the sake of time and confusion I made sure to add¬†accessories¬†that would not only be professional, but add a bit of fashionable flare to her day to day nine-to-five wardrobe. To start, I paired some strong dark blue slacks with a softer tan blouse with a blue design. Immediately I knew I wanted to add the Rory ring and Selly bracelet. I added the Jocelyn earrings and tan heels to complete the look. I also included a very chic tan overcoat for those drizzly Northern Californian days.

4) Girl’s Night Out!

When I asked whether she wanted casual or dressed up looks I was told that she had a sexy pair of peep toe leopard print shoes. Immediately I was sold (I just may have a very similar pair of shoes) and I was excited to dress this up! Clearly, I started the outfit knowing what shoes I¬†she was going to wear and I built off of that. I decided to use all of the colors in the print and found a shimmery black sheer top and added some dark denim skinny jeans. Skinny jeans are great for showing of a fantastic pair of shoes and this was definitely the occasion for that! For her jewelry I paired the Tamia earrings, Katrina bracelet, and Zoela ring (also in quite a few magazines this year!). I can’t wait to go out with her! (I may borrow this outfit!)

Even though I’m over 2000 miles away from her I can still play dress up. For this, I thank the internet, Twitter, and the internet!

Let me help you with your Fall Wardrobe!! I can be your Style Advisor today!

Day to Night in a T-Shirt and Jeans

The other day I was out with my boys doing it is what we do. You know…. t-ball, swimming, soccer, park, grocery, Target….oh and somewhere in between I was feeding them, too. (Wouldn’t motherhood be so much easier if we didn’t have to feed our kids? I mean seriously, I can only make dinner so many times and be ok with not a single bite being eaten and only whines being served in response). It was one of those days where I pulled my hair back, powdered my nose, and a t-shirt and jeans was the easiest thing to put on. So I did and as usual I put on my good ol’ Vivienne earrings, Emileigh necklace, and Harper bracelet. I looked something like this.


Day Time Look

Cute, right? Simple with a pop of color from my flip flops. Easy living.

But then….then after a series of text messages my husband asks me out on an impromptu date. Suddenly I was back in undergrad trying to rush home so I could dress up, be cute, and get ready for my date. Except this time, I had two young children that wouldn’t move faster than molasses in the winter and I had to feed them (again!) and I had to get a babysitter. As a result I had to skip on a pre-date shower. In fact, I didn’t even have time to change my clothes or do my hair so I did what any mom would do.

I put on some make up and it took me three minutes max.

Then, (yes, my friend’s I took it even a step further!) I changed out my jewelry, put on some to die for red pumps, and rushed out the door waving good bye and trying to avoid getting even more snot and left overs from dinner on my already-worn-all-day t-shirt and jeans. After only five minutes of me getting ready (three minutes of make up, one minute of jewelry switch out, and one minute of trying to squeeze my post pregnancy feet into my pre pregnancy heels) I hustled to the restaurant I was meeting my husband at and when I walked in he saw this:

Ok ok, not really. I may have felt like that on the inside, but on the outside I was perfectly cool, calm, and collected (Thank you, Dove deodorant!)

Here’s what he really saw!

Night time Look

So to my haphazard, crazy busy, omg I can’t handle one more thing friends. You do have time to be put together. If all you have is a pair of jeans and t-shirt, then you can do so so so much! All you need is a little Guy & Eva to help you! ūüôā

Let me be your personal Style Advisor.

Talk soon!