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How I Saved Carrie

Not too long ago I heard my two very rambunctious sons playing in my room. I thought nothing of it as I was cleaning the disaster they left behind for dinner.

Then I heard my youngest scream his war cry.

I paused. I listened. I waited. Is all ok or was it a false alarm?

I heard my oldest son scream. Combat has begun.

“No! That’s mine!” My oldest shrieked.

“No mine!” Replied my youngest.

“Leave your brother alone!” I hollered to both of them.

“But he has my bracelet!!!”

I paused. What bracelet? His 4th of July glow ring? His Spiderman wrist band? No…both of those have secretly found their way to the trash.

Oh no.

“Which one???” I shouted back.

“The orange one! It has gold, and sparkles, and it’s my favorite!”

I ran. Ran like the wind. I’m sure I clocked in an Olympic worthy sprint. I reached my room. And I saw her…


On my son’s arm as my other son was going to attack to retrieve it. I rushed over and said, “No no that’s Mommy’s. Please don’t touch that again.”

“But it’s got super powers, Mom! It shoots out spiderwebs AND helps me fly.”

Yes, Son, it has super powers…..but only because I’m… Superwoman.

(Ok, I’m not really, but didn’t that line sound like it just belonged there?? Everything else really happened.)

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